Danke für die Vermittlung der Budapest- Silvesterreise. Sie war prima. Ihr erstmaliger ungarischer Vertragspartner Hr. Ferenc Joo´ ist sehr zu empfehlen; er hat klasse, fundiert und mit Fingerspitzengefühl erklärt, bestens organisiert. Die gesamte, süddeutsch geprägte Gruppe hat es genau so gesehen wie wir.
Mit freundlichem Gruß

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Eberhard Krug

As we are specialized in cultural tours we were looking once for a capable, competent, and reliable local tour operator for Budapest and Hungary. We found in »Fine Art Tours«, and with its manager Ferenc Joó, an excellent partnership since a couple of years now. Ferenc Joó is not only skilled in history, and fine arts. He has got excellent conditions and contacts concerning concerts, festivals, opera – as well as competitive terms with hotels and other touristical needs. His consolidated knowledge of his country (and of course,especially, of his »home-base« Budapest), as well as his very good German language makes it very easy for us as partners to cooperate smoothly, without any doubts whatsoever. And, besides all his professional competence, Ferenc Joó is very popular within our groups as an excellent tour guide. Therefore we highly recommend him, and his company for both groups-, and individual arrangements in every respect.

Bernd Havenstein